Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Flying Cattle Class and the Power of No

Animals are instinctual, and respond in kind, while a human has the ability to override instinct with awareness.

At least, i would like to think that humans have the ability to override instinct with awareness. In practice, I've noticed that most people are in fact, cattle. Too easily herded and too concerned about appearances. Have you ever been in a situation where you were sure you were short changed, but didn't say anything because you didn't want to make a scene? Well, thats flying cattle class, and you have allowed your instinct, that is, your desire to fit in and be considered a part of the crowd (herd), to override your awareness and stand up for yourself, your rights and your pride. You walk away feeling cheated, downtroden and deflated. Then the internal arguments start - "Why didn't i say anything?", "Oh, it was only a dollar. I didn't want people starring at me" and so on.

The cattle class phenomenon continues into organisational cliques, people all too consumed in their own lives and egos, completely self absorbed and contrite, all the while unwittingly contributing to the cattle class syndrome. While profesionally assertive, this particular species is so outrageously naive about their own self-importance to be aware that anything exists outside of their communist fiefdom. In fact, the only defence against such a creature is the power of refusal.

I've mentioned previously about these professional cliques who spend far too much of their personal hours engaging in social events together. Even after a polite refusal, this will only buy the victim a short amount of time before the onslaught of rhetoric post-event begins. What amazes me with these individuals is the NEED for acceptance, acknowledgement and most importantly validation. Considerable effort on their part is outlaid in attempts to manufacture your validation and subsequent justifaction for their petty excuse for life. The power of refusal is also the power of independence, the perception to others that your affections cannot be bought, manufactured or manipulated. You, unlike the cattle class have the courage of your convictions, with an authentic and genuine spirit. However, cognizant independence comes with a price tage, and the cultural (and individualist) culture of the organisation is a powerful beast, that must maintain and assert it's control. While flying cattle class will give you anonymity, protection and security from the masses, it is the power of No that is the true affirmation of life.

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