Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The 10 commandments of Anarchy

enjoy :-)

1.Thou shall seek to destroy capitalism in all forms
This is the first and foremost greatest commandment for all Anarchists. Everything flows from this first commandment. Anarchists seek to subvert the capitalist system and capitalists themselves at any appropriate time.

2.Thou shall disengage from the system and NOT worship consumerism
Anarchists should seek to reduce their inputs into the system. This includes any form of financial input which maintains capitalism, in particular Anarchists should NOT consume goods from the multi-national, like McDonalds, KFC, Bunnings or Harvey Norman et al. and instead support small business enterprise. Think about setting up a local co-op, and use credit unions instead of banks, or Richies supermarkets which donate profits to community groups.

3.Thou shall seek self-sufficiency
Following on from commandment 2, Anarchists should learn to make their own clothes, grow their own food, and any form of self-sufficiency. This reduces an individuals need to operate within the capitalist system. Alternatively, using trade or the barter system amongst similarly minded people. Anarchists should constantly seek to improve themselves through the development of their skill set. This includes; martial arts for self-defense, learning mechanical skills for fixing cars, plumbing or any other household repairs.

4. Thou shall Respect the sovereignty of others
Respect the soverignty of individuals and their right to choose. That means Anarchists do not use violence nor coercion against any individual for their right to express opinions no matter how different from our own as long as their actions or words are not physically harming or coercing another. What we oppose is the system and corporations who are treated as individuals but without accountability. Subverting the system DOES not literally mean SMASHING the system.

5. Thou shall go forth and multiply
Like Christians who go out and evangelise to increase their numbers, so too should an Anarchist. Learn how to network and communicate your ideas to new people. The system will never change if we only associate with like minded people.

6.Thou shall encourage freedom of speech
Anarchists should see the abolition of censorship by the media, State, and individuals. Repression of freedom establishes fear, and disengages individuals from their political people power, which only serves to increase apathy and maintaining the status quo.

7. Thou shall NOT give away personal information to authorities
Anarchists should never use programs such as facebook or myspace where personal information is easily available for authorities to obtain. Anarchists should be in the habit of using Proxy servers to limit the availability of their IP address being available in the ether for tracking. Unless you are asked specifically by the authorities for your personal information, don't give it away for nothing.

8. Thou shall work together for the benefit of mankind
Anarchists should endeavour to work for the greater good, rather than seeking to increase their stature. Anarchists involvement in the movement should not be for financial gain (obviously), but should also avoid the pitfalls of narcissitic self-importance by Anarchist community notoriety, which borders on self-appointed charismatic leaders. Thus, Anarchists should work for the betterment of the community, not for themselves, which, in practice includes community service. This promotes anarchy as an option for social change; Food not bombs is a good example.

9. Thou shall NOT commit anarchy while in the presence of an agent of the law
You're no good to the movement if you're caught. Check to see if police or other authoritarian is present first!

10. Thou shall be paranoid when discussing actions against capitalism
Unlawful actions against capitalism (i.e. spray painting) should not be discussed, and follows from commandment 8 that Anarchists can find themselves entraped due to the pitfalls of egocentrism. Always assume that even your lawful actions (creating a co-op) are going to be subject to infiltrators and trolls who seek to maintain capitalism.


Anonymous said...

anarchy shall come to pass
rise to anarchy
fall of capitalism

Anonymous said...

i am all for anarchy, but i have questions, things i don't understand and ask for guidance... they are:

1. there will honestly be no electricity, because those paid to run the power stations will have no reason to do it anymore, right?

2. we will have no punk rock music anymore with the exception of live (which will be acoustic [like mischief brew] with no power)

3. psycos and people fucked in the head, uhh what do we do with them?

4. i dont know how much this effects you and honestly isn't a question but i am a skateboarder, and there will be no more boards, cause no one is making them and that would suck

5. with no consequences, there will definitely be rape, what do we do about that? nothing? i dont know...

if you can post something to answer these i would greatly appreciate it, so i dont have any plot holes in my theory of anarchism

Alex said...

1.) Actually, there will be electricity. Anarchism doesn't neccessarily mean agrarian (this is a farming style community which i think is what you are referring to, or potentially socialist anarchy, which is communist style socialism with no leaders or state/ government control).

Anarchy refers to no state intervention, and there are many different sub-groups of anarchism, which is why I subscribe to national anarchism. (People choose the type of anarchism that suits them, though this concept is less popular amoung traditional socialist anarchists). Under anarcho-capitalism or agorism business can still operate under free market principles.

I'd suggest you hit www.anarchism.net/forum by Per Byland or alternatively, there is an article called But who will build the roads http://www.strike-the-root.com/72/bill/bill1.html which describes market anarchism, and how you can still enjoy your skateboards, parks, roads and of course PUNK music.

2.) As for people who are the scum of society, anarchism believes in no jails, but not NO punishment. Again, the forum listed above has great posts about crime and punishment. In a nutshell those who commit crimes against others will be held accountable by the victim or victims family by whatever compensation is required by them. This could be financial, it could be an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth potentially resulting in capital punishment. The idea is that crimes are committed because conequences are not a significant deterrent. I imagine with your victim choosing your punishment, rape and murder would be less likely.

Hope this helps answer some of your questions.

Also, most people assume anarchism means chaos. I think you'll find a trip to a number of different forums will help you get a better grounding of what it means to have a stateless society.

Finally, my main advice is to talk with simiarly minded people to make your own opinions. Don't take my word as gospel. Anarchist forums are a great way to obtain a lot of knowledge quickly, and practise your theories, so you don't have any plot holes :-)

Knowledge is your first step to freedom comrade!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much Alex, i knew i was misjudging people or the accepted view of punishment as well as the responsibility placed upon the people such as keeping power working and the sort, thanks for clearing me up because i didn't want to be left uncertain on segments of my own political ideas

Live long and prosper comrade!

Anonymous said...

umm... you can't have the victim choosing a punishment cuz of course the victim will choose one way over the top, say some perv raped someones kid (please forgive the example) naturally tho, the parent is going to be very very upset, screw eye for an eye there going to have the mother fucker killed, or worse...

Alex said...

Can you think of a better deterrent than the victim choosing the punishment? Crime would be less likely because you know whatever you did to someone, they would be able (within reason) to find a punishment (with community endorsement) that would fit the crime. I can't imagine that the community you live in would think that death would be a suitable punishment for say selling faulty goods.

Anonymous said...

okay well i guess so, its just anarchism seems to have a lot of holes. I mean don't get me wrong, all forms of governments have holes as well...the ones in anarchy seem more serious.
Like who would carry out the punishment? And who decides if what the person did to deserve the punishment was really a crime at all, and who decides that the person really did anything at all, it could have been some other guy.
Nobody will work because they have no reason too. Gangs will form out of people who want control and they will have control with no law enforcement, so different sections of the world will be run by different gangs that will fight each other and grow and eventually the world will turn into a war zone. (Okay that might be a bit of an exaggeration but it could happen and you can't deny that there will be groups of people fighting for control and eventually someone will get it and all that anarchy would have done is revert the world to archaic times and push back technological advances hundreds of years.)
The only way people would do what they need to do would be if they had incentive (like today incentive would be money) or if they are being forced, which wouldn't happen in an anarchy because there isn't anyone that would enforce things. Except for the power-hungry gangs i assumed would form.
Plus the whole freedom of speech thing, I have nothing against that except anarchists tend to use that to be racist. Like it's great to be allowed to speak your mind and everything, but you shouldn't be allowed to hate others simply because they are different. Like in an anarchy the first thing thats going to happen is all groups of people will split up, which would be the beginning of gangs. All the racists will group away from all the coloured people and all the gays will hide away from the gay haters etc.
And to me it kinda sounds like everyone is left to fend for themselves, which is basically just going to leave you with a massive amount of homeless people, especially since the main point of anarchy seems to be that you can do what ever the fuck you want and hell if anyone wants to work.
I don't mean to be cruel or anything like that, and sorry about all this. I'm just curious to see if you really have answers to things like this or if you just ignore these problems or don't really believe they are an issue.
I like some aspects of Anarchy, I hate others, thats just my opinion. Kind of an oxymoron isn't it? You being an anarchist means your accepting of me having my opinion, yet you could use your freedom of speech and just get pissed off at me, call me names or whatever just because I'm not on your side. (I'm not implying that you would I'm just using it as an example.)
I'm sorry I'll stop ranting now, as I said I like some aspects of anarchy, I am a communist myself, and I love my country, (my country being a mixed economy, which is rather awesome really (in my mind =P), free heath care, help for those in need like those living on the street or struggling families, but there are also private businesses like restaurants etc.)
I'm actually just looking into anarchy because I have been working on an organization with the specific purpose of creating a 'perfect' society. (Perfect is a useless word, nothing is perfect.) A friend referred me to anarchism, I do plan to attempt to implement some things I have learned about anarchy, its just as i have listed above, there are some problem that I see. It all really boils down to the lack of protection both physical and financial (for lack of a better word), mainly toward the minorities and people that can't take care of themselves (children, the weak, disabled, people who lack skill sets)
Sorry I got carried away with this ^^;;;
I'll check out a couple of those sites you posted and maybe check back later on to see if you have responded to this. Sorry for being rather rude about it.

Alex said...

Woah Dude. Loads of questions! Curiosity is a good thing, and it's great you're looking into Anarchism.

I believe there needs to be some organisational structure. What the entails, will depend upon the community that is formed. As you say, it could be along the lines of sexual orientation, religion or even race. I see none of these things as a bad thing, as long as a mutual respect (or separateness) is maintained which is non-violent. I assume there would be trade relations between them. I have plenty of examples about this on my blog if you look up the tags "practical anarchy".

To prevent an anarchist society from being agrarian, a more anarcho-capitalist (free market) or market anarchist system would be needed. I suggest you read up on Lew Rockwell.

As for being a communist, I'll try not to hold it against you ;-)

As for the punishment system, it depends upon the community. Try researching how the amish deal with issues within their community, or muslims, or any tribal community really.

As for no-one working, I imagine if people want to eat they will work. A great person to ask questions for this sort of thing is Royce Christian - check out his blog. www.theguerillacapitalist.wordpress.com

He is a wealth of information when it comes to market anarchy. Great bloke.

I hope I've been able to start you on the road to freedom! and remember, free speech only has meaning when you say the things people don't want to hear!!!

Anarchy for a free humanity!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow well that was a pretty good answer I have to admit. Though it sounds like you make segregation out to be a good thing, which you might think is a good thing. I'm highly against racism and sexism and things along those lines. Though people seem to think that because I'm communist I don't believe in free speech and things, which isn't true, but I am a strong believer in equality. Everyone is born equal no matter where they were born or what colour their skin is and that everyone should work together. (I know, to a lot of people think that that sounds rather cheesy, but I believe people shouldn't be separated into different communities based upon their skin colour or sexual orientation).
And I guess thats true; "free speech only has meaning when you say the things people don't want to hear." But to me it just seems like racism is an abuse of free speech.
I hope you don't mind me constantly coming back and bugging you, this is just one of the few times I can actually discuss things like this without the person I am discussing with getting pissed off at me lol.
Anyways! Thanks for responding and I'll look into those things ^o^

Alex said...

No, I didn't say segregation was a good thing, but merely a natural one. Forcing everyone to coexist is a form of coercion if they don't want it. Humans will always have those who are racist or sexist. If they wish to live amongst themselves so be it. Forcing them to live amongst those they do not wish too does not lead to social cohesion.

Equality is a lie and is used to keep you in shackles. No two men are created equally. I am not equal to Beethoven, Bach or Mozart, Newton, Einstein or Da Vinci. Similarly, I was not born equal to James Packer and David Rockefeller.

Equality is an illusion and is used by the system to maintain the system.

In my opinion, racism wouldn't exist if classism didn't. But I'm not going to accept a communist utopia either because you can't force everyone to accept one totalitarian regime. Allow people to form communities as they choose, to live as they choose. This is freedom, this is Anarchy.

You should look at getting onto Per Bylunds Forum - http://www.anarchism.net/forum/forum.php

Just ignore Anna Quist. She's a troll :-)

Anonymous said...

Alright, well I'll stop bothering you now, I just wanted to add that first you were born no different from those people you mentioned; it is just what you do with your life that makes you better or worse. So two men are created equally, that is to say if their families were both equal, (like ones not poor while the other is rich making the poor one have much less options than the rich one--which cannot happen in a communist country =P)
And you misunderstood, I'm not trying to create a communist utopia, I'm trying to create a utopia based on many different societies, I just tend to lean toward communism because I am a communist. Sometimes I get carried away and things too different from my beliefs cause me to argue a lot, I just need a good slap in the face every once and awhile. Because your right, a communist utopia wouldn't really work, but neither would an anarchy utopia, that is why we must take from it what works and use it, but throw away what doesn't.
And I'd agree that racism wouldn't exist if classism didn't, but everyone is equal in communism so their are no classes there either.
Thank you a lot for putting up with me, you have given me a lot of good information and a lot of good resources for anarchism. :)

Anonymous said...

So, um *ahem* this is kinda random but, is it possible to be Athiest and Anarchist? And with the whole thing about the social classes. If everyone in a communist society is equal, what about the tax differences? (Im only 14 so if it sounds irrelevant or useless information forgive me)

Alex said...

Most anarchists are in fact atheists. Do a search on google images for No God No Masters. A common anarchist symbol.

Do not mistake anarchism for communism. I do not support communism any more than I support capitalism. If you're looking for a good economic free market model -look into agorism. If you're looking for a good social model, check out national anarchism.

Anonymous said...

dudes anarchy is something i really wanna get into, just it i kinda agree with the dude you were talking to alex.

i dont get how people would still survive without some kind of order

most of every1 in the world are followers, they only exist by what the government tells them to do

if the government isnt there to tell them what to do, what will they do?

pretty much nothing. the country only runs if we dont have free will

i dunno dude i prolly sound gay but i was just wondering

itd be cool if you can help me out here man like i said im all for this no gods no masters for lyfe

National Anarchist said...

In response to Anonymous -

Hey mate, I'm glad you're getting in to Anarchism. To be an Anarchist is to take control of your own life and no longer depend on government and corporations to support you.

Anarchy is not rampant individualism, we believe in collectives and it is through this collective that we find order. A close knit community can function much like a family, you wouldn't bash your grandmother as your family would punish you, the same applies in an Anarchist community. The community decides upon values and morals it expects to follow and those who openly choose to be a part of the community will follow these.

Leadership is another thing that despite the misconceptions, does exist in Anarchist communities. As you said, most people don't like making the tough decisions and would rather somebody help lead them. It is in this case that the most suited for a leadership role will develop, this is called meritocracy - leadership through merit. Unlike other leaders, this natural leader will never be above anyone else and is totally accountable to the people, if the community doesn't like him he will no longer be a leader of any kind.

The reason people hate work in our current society is mostly because they do not see the direct relation between their labour and how it benefits society. Making rolex watches does not feed people. In an Anarchist community, everyone works together and people will know exactly how their labour benefits people and why working each day is important.

Anyway, I hope I've answered your questions. If you have any more, fire away. I'll be checking back here more often.

Anonymous said...

yeh dude i like that makes more sense that whats goin on now

srry tho dont wanna be a lil fag and keep screwin with ya but

i get the family thing that communities would help each other cause they would realize that they gotta

but then if all these little communities exist then how can there be a country if every1 is chillin in just like the same town

National Anarchist said...

You asked how there would be a country, well, the answer is simple; there wouldn't!

The way countries, or nation-states are today isn't very natural or realistic. To have a central government try to provide for millions of people, all with different wants and different values is totally crazy!

I consider the borders and control that make up Australia, or the USA or France to be false. I believe these communities that we've discussed should be the "nation" of tomorrow, this way they can live their own way - their society can be built upon thheir own culture and their own values.

By having communities built upon shared values, we will negate the tension and problems caused by the massive countries of today. People can choose how they want to live in their own community and work together with other communities when they need to.

A main theorist of modern Anarchism, Mikhail Bakunin once said - "Fatherland and nationality are, like individuality, each a natural and social fact, physiological and historical at the same time; neither of them is a principle. Only that can be called a human principle which is universal and common to all men; and nationality separates men . . . What is a principle is the respect which everyone should have for natural facts, real or social. Nationality, like individuality, is one of those facts . . . To violate it is to commit a crime . . . And that is why I feel myself always the patriot of all oppressed fatherlands."

Nationality is an essential part of Anarchism and the current nation-state is like an empire of many nationalities, which creates all sorts of problems.

I hope I've answered your question and elaborated a bit more for you. If you like, I can answer your questions directly by email.
Mine is nationalanarchist23@gmail.com - Remember, the only dumb question is the one you didn't ask!

Talk soon comrade!

Anonymous said...

stupid site this guy knows shit about anarchy


Alex said...

The cartoon you linked to was interesting, but I think you'll prefer this guy:


He has the most wicked sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

aight yeh i understand thanks dude youve helped a lot

but just to be gay one more time srry last question

yeh no country thats awesome
but lets say
this dude. on the east coast
had a banana
and then
this dude on the west coast
wanted a banana
but couldnt grow them

how would you hook a brother up?

Anonymous said...

These so called ten commandments of Anarchy quite literally contradicts the very aspect of the belief. An anarchist should live by no rules whatsoever and work to eliminate all others. An anarchist should be virtually spontaneous.An Anarchist should be an individual, an Anarchist should live by their own rules. Government restricts free will so do commandments such as these...

Anonymous said...

A government is nothing more than a control mechanism, a way to make people do what you want them to, a way to manipulate people, and a way to sort out the good person from the unstable.(criminally, mentally, or both)If there are rules to Anarchy; Commandments as you call them, then where is the free will? The beliefs of Anarchy are based on a system of things that are restricted by society and government. An Anarchist should not be an antisocialist just an Anarchist. We need to live spontaneously if we are to establish free will. Otherwise we can never live freely.

Alex said...

Thanks anonymous, but Anarchism is not neccessarily complete and total freedom to do anything. For example, it is the freedom to live as you will, without harming another or taking the liberty away from another. Therefore, murder is not anarchistic in principle. Also, Anarchy does have rules and order, as is displayed in mutualism, or anarcho-syndicalism.


You don't need to follow "my" rules of anarchy, but I'd recommend you do some reading and find out what it truly is all about.

Anarchy for a free humanity!!

Anonymous said...

Personally, and maybe I'm misinterpreting here, but it looks to me like these commandments are strongly encouraging communism. Now, communism is a great system if everyone in it is content with it...to work to better the community for no recognition other than a jolly "thanks, buddy", but as we've seen time and again, that simply doesn't work in practice.

I fully support eliminating the government's influence on our lives, but I'd prefer not to do it at the cost of an extremely successful economic system that has given us the knowledge and resources to formulate a structured definition of anarchy. You certainly can't deny that capitalism has its benefits, or that communism simply doesn't work. Look at the United States, then Russia. Capitalism for the former, communism for the latter. which is a stinking, festering, mob-run hellhole that even the people running it don't want to live in?

IconOfSin said...

Wow I am really impressed with those Ten commandments.Would you mind if I posted them on my blog?I would give you full credit for them and make a link to this page right in the header!

Capitalism = Enslavement and Imprisonment.

Anarchism = Freedom and Righteousness.

Freedom and Righteousness are yours for the taking Comrade!

Alex said...

Anonymous - You did misinterpret. I am a socialist, but definitely NOT a commie. I hate commies, and communism is just another form of fascism. Communists take away people's freedom by not allowing freedom of speech (including mine!). For an anarchism economic model read about agorism. I'm not hugely sold on it, but it sure beats communism as an alternative.

IconofSin: Dude - go for your life. If you give me your URL for your website, I'll add your blog to my link list.


Faust said...

I have a few comments to make:
First of all, in a perfect society, "pure" anarchy, "pure" capitalism, or "pure" communism could work. However, nothing in this fucked up world is perfect except mathimatical theory. As a result, it is nessessary to blend different forms of society to create a society which is near perfection. this perfect society would also require the ability to adapt to different environments and the unknown future. In my opinion, capitalism and most other forms of government in existance today are based upon the rules of religion, which, essentially, is primitive science. With modern science and technology, myths are dispelled, as is the fear and terrorism caused by it. However, this also causes the people in charge to take drastic measures to keep you in place, and as a result the government will fuck you over.
Second of all, everyone might not be born equally, but the only difference between people would be their evolutionary status (ex. immunity, intelligence, strength). things like skin colour, sexuality, and gender shouldn't matter. Those who are evolutionary superior are pretty much destined to be the leaders in society, but the followers have the except that first. The ideal leader should be independent (as your commandment #3 states), but should also take advantage of a situation in order to benefit their society. Since money currently makes the world go round, it is nessessary to associate with the current form of rule and engage in consumerism in order to survive, lest you end up living out of a shopping cart in east hastings. and believe me, that's the last thing anyone wants unless they wish to avoid detection. that place is so messed, the cops only go there to make sure no one dies.
Third, east hastings provides an excellent example of an anarchist society with no rule whatsoever, and if pure anarchy were to take hold of society, third-world and first-world countries would switch places, guaranteed. there's always a Nazi masquerading as an anarchist, and these would be the people who would take advantage of an abrupt capsize of society. this would cause a sharp decline in human evolution, and before we know it, we'll be worshipping the sun and making sacrifices to it again. The only way an anarchist society would work would be a society with much fewer people as a result of "weeding out" the weaker links. However, this will never happen, as everyone considers themselves to be the strongest link and worthy to survive. due to this belief, the only things that will thin our numbers to make anarchy work are rapidly-evolving viruses (ex AIDS, SARS), and war. Within the next two decades, I predict we will be seeing alot of both. It is only after the dust has settled that a mostly anarchist society could exist, again straining the importance of commandments 3 and 4.

Anonymous said...

If the victims are allowed to choose the fate of the suspect, then you have a major problem. With no justice society, anyone can accuse anyone of a crime. It seems crazy people were acknowledged if they were the suspect themselves, but it wasn’t acknowledged if they were one who were so called "victims." So a crazy person could accuse someone for “raping” them although it never happened so therefore that person could be killed for no reason. How would justice solve for their death if it could never be proven otherwise.

A society controlled by individuals is pretty dangerous. So assuming we have a perfect society, one person would have to be a farmer in order to sustain life within community. Everyone can grow crops but it won’t be enough. So, what if someone stole the food for and he was well recognized in society. So people will believe him when he says he didn’t steal. Now you have people who are starving and are in an attic writing in a journal about how life is not so grand due to a non controlled society. People will revolt and demand security, democracy, and capitalism just as before as they could only dreamed (assuming many years/generations passed).

So if the whole idea is no state intervention, then what would happen to those who require on the state to live? Although it may not be much, food stamps and some other programs help keep babies and what not alive. We can all share resources but if you don’t like someone, you will let them die. I know I would let someone die if they had a history of pissing me off to the extreme. If everyone lets someone die, does the whole town have to die too? Eye for an Eye? The logic doesn’t add up.

Even if you have separate groups to organize together and make a better society, then you still will have a leader who will dictate what to do. Then he will get power hungry and control the tribes in downtown LA, then Las Vegas, then the world. He might only accept all blonde haired and blue eyed individuals. Then everyone lives in fear because he is now stronger than the government, which in other words he becomes a government to tell everyone what to do, like feed him grapes, or suck his nuts. Constant wars are evident because of all this.

However, I have a viable solution. It has probably been said but maybe it could work like this. A small society is given the right to work as an anarchy society. No taxes, no government intervention (except to check for potentially life threatening weapons like nukes), no 911 access, nothing. Benefit is everyone grows their own crops and shares pain and suffering with each other. Eye for an eye is allowed. Would that be suitable for many anarchists?

FYI - I havent wrote in before. This whole anon thing is confusing because anyone can post a comment.

Alex said...

Faust - interesting, and you're entitled to your opinion. I'm not really sure where you're going with it though.

Anon - In terms of an eye for an eye and the way I would like an anarchist society to form would be much like the amish. It's doubtful they would be accusing each other of crimes that were not committed because they came together as a united group, with similar ideals, beliefs, ethnicity, religion and goals. All of which make up a healthy, happy and homogeneous society. Capitalism and globalism have forced people to coexist who would otherwise have nothing in common, creating social discord.

Perhaps I'm thinking of a Utopia. But Faust has a point - the anarchist society I refer to would require a much smaller population. I cannot envisage the Amish style community living within a large city like Los Angeles.

Good to see some new people interested asking quesitons and thinking for themselves. I think it's the only thing that's going to get us out of this predicament! :-)

Anonymous said...

LMAO, Alex you pretty much danced around my essay there. I basically gave reasons why this idea is flawed and you repeated back the main subject again.

"It's doubtful they would be accusing each other of crimes that were not committed because they came together as a united group, with similar ideals, beliefs, ethnicity, religion and goals."

Doubtful is like saying "most" likely it wont happen. That doesnt sound too sure. Plus, I am not talking about the original group, I am talking about the next generation of people who werent the founders. They wont care since they werent there.

"Capitalism and globalism have forced people to coexist who would otherwise have nothing in common, creating social discord."

Apparently you havent lived in a place where this is going on. I have lived in a place where I was the only one in a few of my race. This is existing today where people live with each other who have the same race, religion and whatnot. It would be worse if we seperated everyone into small groups since "outsiders" would have a hard time fitting in if they wanted to join that society. I survived because they were tolerant of my race and dealt with it. Had they been isolated, it probably would have been worse.

So again, the world would be full of more mayheim and destruction because of these smaller groups who will try to control other groups.

Anonymous said...

Anarchy is order, imagine there's no country.
Italian anarchist want "BERLUSCONI" in hell.

Anonymous said...

I am all for "no government" believe me but I'm not sure if i fully understand the true meaning of anarchy. I thought it was mostly about rebellion. After reading this post i am beginning to think maybe this isn't for me. Maybe someone can help me out here. Is it possible to be a Christian involved with anarchy? If not i'm out but ill check back for an answer to my question. later guys thx

Anonymous said...

These are more like the 10 Commandments of Anarcho-Communism. there ,i.is,/i. such a thing as anarcho-capitalism (i.e. the ultimate free market). Not that either anarcom or anarcap are good systems but you get the idea...

Alex said...

Anonymous 1:

What if people don't tolerate those of other races, or sexual practises? For example NAZI's. They will NEVER accept multi-racialism and forcing them to live in a multiracial society is actually a form of supremicism (that is you forcing your views on them). I choose not to do so, even if I disagree with their choices and beliefs.

Anonymous 2:

Yes, you can be an anarchist and a christian. Read about Leo Tolstoy, and check this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_anarchism

Anonymous 3:

I hate anarcho-commies, they're intolerant and fascist IMHO and force their viewpoints onto others. Anarchism is about freedom of choice and association. If you think the 10 commandments could be altered to be less anarcho-commie like, I'd be happy to hear it.

Anonymous said...

thanks alex

Anonymous said...

hey, i have always thought of myself as an anarchist,but now i am doubtful of that... i have always been the sort of person who does not care for society as it is, i think society should be free, free actions, free speech and free of unnecissary obligations of the current society. i dowhat i want when i want (that goes against the whole 'thou shall not act anarchic infront of pigs and other authortites',and also goes against being yourself?)

i dont hate people for their sex, race, beliefs or sexual orientations, i hate people as individuals whoijust do not like as a person.

i am an impulsive and willful person and does not listen to 'the man'.

i listen to, and take in and consider what everyone has to say but do not let it sway who i am, unless it holds great significance or has meaning close to me.i dont NOT listen to what someone has to say just because they are not the same idealisms as mine...

but after hearing that anarchism has rules (hypocracy in itsself) im nt so sure that i am anarchist?

i guess all i am is an INDIVIDUAL, not tied to any groups, i do not have a classification, or ranking, i am just me. and i am completley fine with that, and do not care what people think of it. thank you for reading

Anonymous said...

hey man
you have some realy good points but i have 2 critisizms.

1 Won't some of these "communities" wan't to have power over others or want reasources that they have

2 What would happen to the enviornment? I mean things are bad as they are but without laws restricting waste and promoting new ways of producing clean fuels wont these communities be drilling anywere they want and dumping there non biodegradible waste without consiquences?

Zach said...

Ok. I have something to say. Here's why prejudice and racism wouldn't be a problem. Just look at today's schools. The people who like computers all group together. As do people who like skateboarding. And football. And certain music. The same thing happens in a free society. People who share beliefs, or culture, or background will form communities. In certain societies things like stealing would be allowed. They would be under a policy of "if you can get away with it, you can do it." In other societies, people who stole would be exiled. People naturally group together with people like them. So yes, some societies violence would be rampant, in others it would be serene and peaceful. The thing is, you can choose where you want to live. No one forces you to stay in their community. So eventually, everyone's happy. I hope that answers some of your questions.

Anonymous said...

Haha, all you people who believe in anarchy are insane. Lmao, I thought this was a joke. Lol.

Anonymous said...

hey, great site btw.... um, im only 12 and i really want to get in to anarchy. but i hav two questions, 1.im a girl so does your sex matter? does that make any difference? and 2. im a very strong believer in god... and i know i couldnt give up god fr anarchy, so, can you beleive and worship god while being an anarchist?

Alex said...

To: 12 year old Anonymous,

Sex, race, religion, none of it matters, they can all be an Anarchist. Emma Goldman was a famous female anarchist, you can read about her on my blog as a book review http://anarchydownunder.blogspot.com/2007/12/dangerous-woman.html

Otherwise do a google search on Emma Goldman.

Yes, you can be an anarchist and a christian. Read about Leo Tolstoy, and check this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_anarchism

I would recommend you join a forum. Per Byland's is very good. www.anarchism.net/forum

Anonymous said...

I like this site, but there seems to be a nasty knee-jerk reaction to the word "communist". It's as if it triggers a string of terms in one's head: 'Bolsheviks, Stalin, Gulag, famine etc...'
The problem is the kind of Anarchy a lot of Anarchists profess(including natinal anarchists and even the agorists to a point)is not much different than Kropotkin's views scattered through his writings, and he, of course, was a anarchist-communist.

If 'communist' is always considered as a monolithic state, or a giant collective totalitarian regime (which it is not necessarily by definition), then it always clashes. That is a mistake. I'm extremely open to anarchism for tempering any problems in communistic practice, but there are too many anarchists who think they have found the holy grail in their own form of anarchism and that it is somehow more sophisticated. That's a pity.

Anonymous said...

Anarchy by definition has no rules, don't you think commandments for anarchy is a tad contradictory?

Lrdwhyt said...

@previous: No, these are guidelines for anarchists to follow if they wish to achieve anarchy...

Anonymous said...

I don't think we'll ever have a perfect world to live in, but I believe it will get better, but before it gets better it will get worse...I believe we need a revolution. A war where the people rise up and demolish this poor excuse of a governing body. We the people need to fight back against the coruption that we are just letting happen. We are like sheep being herded by a goverment that claims they are benifiting us by telling us exactly what to do, how to live, and how to act. We have lost almost every bit of individuality because we are being formed by the government.

..? said...

Hmmhmm..Wow, I didn't know this was a religion. I just like the Symbol, but for the most part though...The commandments are alright. Not much for a religion though don't care to follow through with there "Rules"..or "Guidances" But i think if i had to choose, this would be the best to go along with.

Anonymous said...

I have a question about the towns that would be forming. I live in a middle class neighborhood in a 2 story house with a okay back yard. and so does pretty much everyone around me. So if we were to grow our own crops wouldnt we have to destroy the majority of these houses? and who gets to chose whos house gets destroyed? taking them all out and rebuilding could work but again it would take a long time. What would people do for food, shelter, ect. while rebuilding their communities. and finding a communitie that suites you could be near impossible to get to.

Anonymous said...

for the 12 year old anonymous; I've been reading up on anarchy for a while, i was brought back to it when i saw the Anarchy symbol on disney channel. It seems to me anarchy achieves many of the laws and standards that our God (i'm a believe too) has set forth. Although with free will comes the ability to do these things.

I see that anarchy leaves the community to decide the consequences for crimes against one another. Such crimes that are also "sins" by our faith.

I also see that this system sets up a "free market" which nulls capitalism, and thus solves the greed problem. Unfortunately since greed is natural, we go back to the community deciding what to do about the issue.

Anarchy may be the only organizational system i've seen so far that goes so far as to try to PREVENT "sins" or "crimes." With capitalism, i've noticed, it does a better job of simply "putting you in the corner" for your crimes and transgressions.

Nutshelling, i think that anarchy, in whole or part, is a good book, i'll subscribe

Evil said...

Your 10 commandments are illogical, 1 and 4 conflict.

Being an anarchist myself, I've always wanted to ask some of you "anti-capitalistic anarchists" .. if you believe nobody has a right to rule and that I have a right to choose for myself how I interact economically with others?

Why can't I choose capitalism?

If I want to trade money or an agreed upon commodity for services and goods with other people who also voluntarily want to, I should be allowed to do so.

This is in the same vein of belief that corporations are in fact government, because they are legal fiction that can only exist with government, therefore all corporations are agents of the state.

Naturally people will choose whatever system is best, so if people choose communism, it's not my place to stop them, however I don't believe it's a good system and I do not choose it for myself.

Agreed? Or do you believe I should seek out and destroy myself? :P

Alex said...


I can see why you think 1 and 4 conflict, but for me they don't. I refer to capitalism as the current state based elite ruled form of capitalism.

Society will always have communities with mutually exlusive principles/beliefs. This isn't just limited to economic policy, but social and relgious differences as well.

For example, some Muslims and Christians will not accept homosexuals in their community.

As such, I have found the only way to account for such differences and still respect the sovereignty of others is through the formation of "National Anarchy", or groups formed along tribal/ethnic/cultural/religious lines with mutual respect for each other's differences and trade between each.

I totally respect your right to use ownership and agreed upon cultural/economic practises within your tribe, whatever your tribe encompasses.

Evil said...

I see, so you do not want to use force to destroy capitalism.. thats good then because we are not in conflict.. we merely have different opinions on the subject.

With those that believe in government democracy, different opinions can be a threat and usually means those people intend to use force to achieve those desired opinions, but in our case it means we can happily co-exist because we refuse to use force on others.

That being said I believe a "corporation" is a concept created by government. The reason it exists is to provide a special form of legal protection from tyrannical government judicial systems. The extreme liability of running a business is falsely created by unjust government laws. The business are forced to become corporations and then they become servants to the state.

You and I will agree that a corporations are evil, but I don't believe that any form of corporation can be a natural application of a free market capitalism economic system. Corporations are a creation of neo-mercantilism or fascism. It's unjust to provide legal protection to a special group of people.

A Chocolate King is not the same as a King, because to destroy him you need merely stop buying chocolate. His power only exists by the will of his customers. He is servant to them. Only by combining force (something we reject) and usually government force can he make his customers subservient to him.. then he is the same as a King.

Zittergong said...

I long so much for anarchy that you won't believe it. Not the political largescale utopic one, but the person to person freedom of being exectly who you are. Where it all starts.

I wannabe me! How about you?

Zittergong said...

I long so much for anarchy that you won't believe it. Not the political largescale utopic one, but the person to person freedom of being exectly who you are. Where it all starts.

I wannabe me! How about you?

Zittergong said...

Alex, your eye-for-an-eye view on punishment.. aren't you afraid it will get out of hand, people grouping up like bloodthirsty monkeys, vigilantes - so the history just repeats in it's bloody trails. Except for that now it could mean kinda Armageddon with the weapons we have now..?

cobalt40-dot-nuke said...

Awww shit man, I have broken number 7 way too much man, It's gonna take me days to delete all the stuff I've released to the fascists. Otherwise I'm gettin there man.

But PEACE all the way, everyone I know keeps dissing Anarchy cuz of what they see on the mass media man.

I guess we want Anarchism not Anarchy

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say nice site.