Thursday, October 25, 2007

News Just In - War with Iran and more Protesting

News hot off the press, War with Iran is imminent!

My finance industry source has informed me that in Australia as of today Oct 26, 2007 all financial transactions to Iran are to be halted IMMEDIATELY. Any employee who disregards the latest embargo will be placed on sanctions.

The Australian newspaper describes how U.S embargos are being forced through the international finance community.

The fact that Western Countries are halting all economic involvement with Iran can mean only one thing, we soon will be at war with Iran. The powers that be have been planting the idea of Weapons of Mass destruction in the media over the last year or two. Now we wait for the official announcement.

In other news....

Anti-Fascist Protest at Football Federation Victoria
by Michael Williams

Yesterday I was one of the few to attend the anti-fascist protest at the Football Federation in Thornbury. I was probably the only Anarchist to attend, to those who were too busy or too lazy, SHAME ON YOU! (this includes you Alex)!

The protest wasn't very exciting but the main goal was achieved thanks to Anthony Main, the media liason who organised the response from the Federation. A media statement was released stating they had no involvement in the decision to allow a fascist rock concert, and they regret it happening and claim it won't happen again......

The rock concert was held on October 13th by the two main "bonehead" groups in Melbourne, Blood and Honour and Southern Cross Hammerskins, who held their annual gig to commemorate the death of Ian Stuart, who formed Blood and Honour and ended up dying in a drunken car crash.

Now all we can do is continue to fight the system. I personally believe that as much as I hate Nazis, these petty fascist groups aren't as big a problem as others. Our main concern as Anarchists should be fighting the state and the many forms of capitalism.

Keep up the fight everyone, to those that joined me yesterday, well done!

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