Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Australian Anarchist News

Check out the article on the Global Financial Crisis written by journalism students Bonita Silva and Donna Yan from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Will the Global Economic Crisis (GEC) facilitate social change? And do the recent ‘Group of 20’ (G20) protests reflect a rise in anarchism? Donna Yan and
Bonita Silva investigate.

As 20 of the most powerful leaders of the industrial world converged in the white-topped ExCel Conference Centre in London, thousands of people with banners in hand took to the streets of the capital in a two-day mass protest, driven by mounting discontent.

The friction between protesters and police reached its pinnacle when the Royal Bank of Scotland was reportedly stormed and the death of local London man, Ian Tomlinson, was revealed in the media. All the while, the shadow of the financial crisis loomed overhead.

Read the rest of the article here.

Barnaby Joyce is bucking trends in Australian Parliament by his latest advertising campaign, keep Australia Australian. Makes sense to me, not only is having a Government that does not represent the people bad enough, having a Government that is owned by overseas interests is much much worse.

Australian's have the right to own our own sources of wealth, but what makes this deal worse is that those mines belong to the indigenous people. When sold to China the Australian Aboriginies will get even more of a raw deal, they will get nothing. We should keep the ownership of Australian assets locally. NO MORE ECONOMIC GLOBALISATION!

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