Monday, November 12, 2007

Is it possible to be an Anarchist in an Authoritarian world?

Having, as I have, a long and heavy past of political idealism it’s easy to notice that, each year – or even each day, it’s becoming harder and harder to remain truly an Anarchist without drawing negative attention to oneself. Given that the Anarchist creed implicates that we stand up for freedom of speech, a freedom that is ever more threatened by either restrictive laws pushed by national governments or by Bruxels regime (1), or even due to the ideological obscurantism that painted our world in Black and White, divided in “good” and “evil”, resulting that true Anarchists – those that stand up for absolute freedom of speech and opinion for all – end up being accused sometimes as “fascists” and others as “communists”, depending on the political guidelines (the artificial Right/Left) of those that disagree with your point of view.

Given the Portuguese example, we have ever more governmental decisions that are taken without the approval of the people (most recent cases being Flexi security and the European Treaty). We have a regulating governmental entity that rules over the press – something that does not seen all that democratic. In the colleges, political parties youth wings and in the opinion columns of the newspapers we witness what Joaquim Letria (2) labeled as “self censorship”, when people restrain themselves to voice publicly certain opinions that might look bad or raise a cloud of negative suspicion over its authors by their professors, editors or even some parcel of the public that might be organized as a lobby.

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Shun the Non Believers

Red Anarchists, as has been stated, have a tendency to shun everyone who does not subscribe to their particular brand of Anarchism. Their street level activism is highly important to the movement as a whole and should not be forgotten nor overlooked. This is their strength and the strength and a huge force for the Anarchist movement as a whole. The same applies to Anarcho-Capitalists within their own sphere of influence. Though they may not be working the streets to the extent of Red Anarchists, or other older brands of Anarchism, it is undeniable that they work hard to deal with and rebuff statists at the intellectual level on a regular basis. I would hope Red Anarchists can accept this and congratulate Anarcho-Capitalists for their work. Both sides excel at the others weakness, with the opposite being true for their strengths. This should not be forgotten.

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