Friday, April 11, 2008

Freedom to hate striked down

Recently, an Anarchist comrade's blog was pulled down. @ndy or Slackbastard.

On April 8, Mathaba News Network demanded host of domain name be shut down. The subject of their complaint was a post on @ndys blog. The blog post in question concerned the nature of the news service, and in particular the recent history of its owner, Adam Musa King. From what I have gathered, Mathaba hosted some information about the New Right, which is @ndys current pet hate. (which is his right and choice).

To cut a long story short, @ndy has called owner Adam King a Fascist based upon the theory of guilt by association (assuming NR are fascists). Which is the right of @ndy to do, under Freedom of Speech. However, Mr King has removed the site through legal libel proceedings.

@ndys blog recently was totally removed from the internet by the host after rightful legal pressure as a result of his extensive vilification and defamation of others and from using a fake name to register his blog along with a PO box address.

Aparently, websites must be registered at a home address not a PO Box. Haha! Thats some fine anarchist work there @ndy! Which follows Anarchy Downunder's 9th Commandment - Don't get caught! We could all learn a thing or two on how to dodge the Authorities from this Australian Anarchist!

Although, I do have one thought for my Anarchist comrade. Freedom of speech includes the freedom to hate, as you have quite rightly exercised. However, one cannot demand freedom without first granting it to others. Something to think about anyway.....

Karma is a harsh mistress.

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