Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good Science doesn't have a consensus

It seems that like the holocaust, no dissenting views of anthropogenic global warming are allowed. At least you wont go to jail yet for denying the existence of global warming.

Professor Aitkin told The Australian yesterday he had been told he was "out of his mind" by some in the media after writing that the science of global warming "doesn't seem to stack up".

The eminent historian and political scientist said in a speech called A Cool Look at Global Warming, which has received little public attention, that he was urged not to express his contrary views to orthodox thinking because he would be demonised.

He says critics who question the impact of global warming are commonly ignored or attacked because "scientist activists" from a quasi-religious movement have spread a flawed message that "the science is settled" and "the debate is over".

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Discussion and debate should be allowed, and if the science for anthropogenic global warming is good, the dissenting views can be shut down case by case, point by point.

I believe the same should be the case for holocaust deniers or revisionism. If the science and evidence for the Holocaust is undeniable, then let these dissenting views be blown out of the water case by case, point by point. To lock up people for thought crime, only adds credibility to their arguments.

David Irving was arrested in Austria and jailed for a year for denying that the holocaust killed 6 million Jews during WWII. I am not a revisionist supporter, but I'm not a supporter of political prisoners and thought criminals either.

Read about David Irving article here

FREEDOM OF SPEECH means you are not arrested or charged for your right to a dissenting opinion. Thought crime is just too 1984 for me.


Royce Christian said...

I am one of those 'irrationals' that don't agree that global warming is man-made, let alone be able to reverse the effects of global warming by playing with the lighting. The day that Humans will be able to change the climate will be the day that we can accurately predict the weather for more than 3 days in advance.

I'm for freedom of speech and all, but never quite understood the basis of the Holocaust deniers claims, what with all those missing Jews and witness accounts and all.

Alex said...

Haha. You're irrational! Well, you ARE an anarchist after all.

Its not so much about agreeing with holocaust deniers, its about the fact that they are jailed for their "crimes". That's what bothers me. When you start jailing people for their "opinions", where does it all end?

Freedom of Speech is not about allowing people to say what you agree with. It's about supporting people you DON'T agree with. Thats what makes it FREEDOM.

Royce Christian said...

"It's about supporting people you DON'T agree with. Thats what makes it FREEDOM."

I could have sworn freedom of speech was about allowing people to say what they want without fear of coercive reprisals. I definitely do not have to support a person I disagree with to make this true. ;)

Alex said...

What I meant to say was we should support the rights of people to say things you don't agree with. Like revisionism. It's easy to support "Freedom of Speech" for anarchists, because we ARE anarchists. But, it's true freedom of speech when you tolerate the words and opinions of those you disagree with.

You cannot be granted freedom, without first granting it to others.